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The poor household produced four college students.

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Su Yongchang (left one) works with workmates to move cement.

"I was tired after a day's work, but I was happy in the evening."

"Today, I helped people pick lychee and was very tired, but the family got 150 yuan more."

In the evening of June 27th, when the reporters came to visit, Lao Su and his wife were busy introducing their day's work. At last, they laughed and said, "we are very tired, but very happy!"

Why are you tired and happy?

It turned out that Lao Su was the most difficult poor household in the village, but now it is not only glorious but also four college students.

A poor man is more ambitious than a poor man.

Lao Su's name is Su Yongchang, and his wife is called Shi Xulan, who lives in the bamboo village of Qing Tang Town, 竞博jbo竞博jbo首页i district. Sujia had four children, two daughters and two sons. In the 2015 precise identification, Su family was included in the poverty stricken families by learning poverty.

After three years of indomitable struggle by the old couple, with the support of a series of policies to help the poor, the Soviet Union finally got rid of poverty in October 2018. At this time, three of the four children were admitted to the ideal university.

The poor old couple know the truth that knowledge can change fate.

If they do not read to their children if they are poor, they will surely have no culture, no skills and no hope like me. Lao Su told reporters about his original intention of 竞博jbo竞博jbo首页.

Unlike other poor families, Lao Su and his wife always believed that they could not be poor and educated, but they could not suffer hardships. Therefore, no matter how hard they are, how tired they are and how hard they are, they insist on sending their children to study, hoping for their children to move forward.

"Heaven does not care for the heart!" In the old couple's words and deeds, in July 2013, his daughter, Su Jing, was admitted to Shaanxi Normal University. In July 2015, two daughters Sujie went to Shijiazhuang medical college. In July 2018, Su Zichao was admitted to the Hubei engineering college. In July 2019, Su Zitao was admitted to Harbin Engineering University.

A hopeful college admission letter arrived on schedule, which made the old couple happy and sad. The joy of the children was that they finally entered the University.

Lao Su recalled: "every school is the most worrying time for our husband and wife. We only need ten thousand or twenty thousand yuan for tuition and up to thirty thousand yuan. In addition, there are accommodation, 竞博jbo竞博jbo首页, living expenses and so on. Even if they do not eat or drink, it is difficult to save enough kinds of tuition fees. We can borrow all, borrow money, but the basic guarantee for children is still stretched, and it is hard to prepare. "

Husband and wife work together to overcome difficulties.

More people and less land are the basic status of Su family. It is difficult to get rid of poverty if only a few fields are planted, let alone send four children to university.

For this reason, Lao Su and his wife had to do odd jobs everywhere. They worked as porters, worked in kitchens, and picked up trash bins. Other people do not want to do "heavy work, dirty work, bad jobs", both husband and wife are rushing to do, only one purpose: to earn more money for children to go to school.

In order to increase his income, Lao Su carried over ten tons of sugarcane a day, and his hands were not so tired at night. When Shi Xulan washed her husband's hands with hot water, she cried with pain.

"2016 was the most difficult time for our family. Two daughters went to college, two sons in high school, and fifty thousand or sixty thousand yuan a year. But I had an accident. I was injured by a battery. I spent thousands of dollars in medical expenses, and I couldn't work for half a year. The whole family only depends on their wife's labor. Remembering the difficult journey, Lao Su felt great emotion.

"Proud and gratified, the four children are very sensible, obedient and intelligent. Two daughters attended work study at work many times during their college years, and the eldest son took the initiative to choose the third year in order to relieve the economic strain. Shi Xulan said with great pride.

"Under the difficult circumstances of family economy, our parents are determined to send us to school. This is the source of power for our brothers and sisters to learn. We have no reason not to study hard." Old four Su Zitao said.

How to raise children's tuition fees? Shi Xulan smiled and told the reporter: "in addition to breaking the law, we have done everything!"

"We've done everything!" Such a simple heart, but reflects a poor family for four children to go to school is not easy and bitter.

"Fortunately, we met the good policy of the state to help the poor, otherwise there would be one or two children without money to go to university." Old Su said frankly.

Chew the bones and happiness comes naturally.

"Living in several broken tile houses, there is not a decent thing in the house, and the four children are reading, and still owe a debt." This is the basic situation of the first time in August 2015 when the teacher of Li TSE Chi, a teacher in the Middle School of Qing Tong, took the help of a su family. Li Cai thought, such a difficult family, still insisted on sending four children to school, this spirit is really commendable! It is also determined by the talented and talented people from the countryside that they must make the best efforts to help the Soviet Union get rid of poverty and live a better life within the scope permitted by the national policy.

In view of the practical difficulties of Su Jia, Li Cai Kai opened the first "prescription": immediately implement 竞博jbo竞博jbo首页al assistance and start from supporting the mind and supporting wisdom. Then, we should further implement industrial support and medical assistance to further stimulate the inner driving force of the Soviet Union. Finally, the support of minimum living security is achieved.

"Now the state's policy of helping the poor is so good that we can't get on with it. We must rely on our own hands to get rid of poverty, and we must not drag the villagers back." The old couple must have a heart to work.

With the help of Li and CAI, Lao Su and his wife worked to develop pig raising and cattle raising through microcredit, expand sugarcane cultivation, and participate in village level public welfare posts.

"To remove poverty hats, shortcuts are diligent, safeguard policies, and seek 竞博jbo竞博jbo首页 in the hope of children!" This is a way out of poverty by the old couple.

"A few days ago, Mr. Li also came to our house to help apply for a project to replace the prize." In June 27th, old Su was filled with gratitude when he talked about helping the poor and helping the people. He took out a bank passbook and pointed to the figures above, saying, "this is the rain and dew plan enjoyed by the third generation, with a one-time subsidy of 5000 yuan. This is 3250 yuan for senior high school life enjoyed by old four, and 5000 yuan on behalf of the reward."

"These help funds come too timely, for us, just like a timely help!" Shi Xulan came up and said.

Today, the Soviet Union has built two small buildings, two daughters graduated from University, and joined the work. While the elder sister was teaching, she was studying for her master's degree. Second sister worked as a nurse in the hospital obstetrics and gynecology department, and was going to further study. The two brothers were studying at university.

"Happiness is a struggle!" In the first half of this year, the Soviet Union had more than fifty thousand yuan of income, plus the superposition of various policies. It is expected that this year's income will exceed one hundred thousand yuan, and happy life will come quietly. (reporter Huang Youxue Li Xianghui)

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